Possibly the worst Daily Deal ever?

Circumcision Daily Deal


Just when you thought you’d seen every product or service promoted via Daily Deals, along comes this one!

Groupon in the Phillipines is currently promoting an offer for 76% off circumcisions and perhaps more unbelievably, has sold three vouchers.

Some lessons from this deal:

The good:

  • Unusual offer, likely to stand out
  • Can purchase multiple Groupons to be given as gifts. Got any birthdays coming up and thinking what to get the man who has everything?!
  • Clearly highlights that anaesthesia is involved. Possibly the clincher for those three customers.

The bad:

  • The main photo
  • Check out the other photos that accompany the offer http://www.beeconomic.com.ph/deals/metro_manila/Cosmedics-Treatment-Center/716084137
  • Not sure how much repeat business they’ll get. I’ve always understood circumcision to be kind of a one-off procedure
  • Unclear if any of the buying customers have shared the deal with their friends.


Don’t really know what else to say for this one! Other than I’ve framed it for the office wall!


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